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Originally, Gilly had come up with an amazingly worded completely fantastic list of rules and regulations and rights for the guild. I read and reread and modified and tried to make it perfect, then I realized what was wrong with it. It wasn't the Thunder Kitten way.
So, here it is after months of deliberation.

Our Rules:
1. We don't steal from our Faction. Purple if you want, but never be an ass. We don't screw people over. We help, we grow, we love, we play.

2. Don't be a dick. You know damn well if you are rude or cause any issues I will take you down a peg pretty quickly. Don't do it. If you want to be an ass and cause problems. Leave. I'd rather have 2 members than be assholes.

3. Have fun. Seriously, above everything else... Just have fun. This is a family and we will have fun above all else. Got beef? Bring it to me or an officer and they will decide if I need to handle it.

You got kicked? You feel used? Some sort of issue?
Talk to me. Mail me in game, talk to me in TS, message me on skype, ask for my number from an officer and text me. I don't want anyone with hurt feelings or issues, so you guys will come to me and we will handle it as a group <3
You have the right to feel happy and have fun in anything you do as a kitten, let's keep it that way.
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