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Hello Kittens, Sugar and Svetty here...
This News update will specifically target tomorrows launch of the Kraken server, and all the updates the server will bring us such as our new guild structure/organizations, building upgrades, etc. Currently we have three different guild branches planned and they are structured as follow
  1. Thunder Kittens: Main branch of TK. Will be raised above Guild Level 3 and therefore will be risking PvP conflicts with other guilds. Will still farm/trade/run dungeons.
  2. Thunder Kittens Too: Farmer style focused branch that will not be raised above Guild Level 3, therefore NO RISK OF GUILD WARS.
  3. Also Thunder Kittens: The Branch for alts of the Main and Farmer Branches.
This new update is mainly focused on the guild system changes. A more in-depth explanation of all changes made in the 2.0 update can be found here. Credit for the in depth explanation of the update: Daranhiss.

As of tomorrow guilds announce War against other level 3+ guilds. Two out of three of our branches will be raised above level 3 for these reasons. The main branch of TK and the Alternate account branch. Our main goal is to have our two level 3+ branches to be in war with each other for the rewards for guild experience and the protection from war for a short time. Guild level rewards are as follow:
  • Guild Level 1: Tahyang’s Energy – Increases Dash speed +15%.
  • Guild Level 2: Aranzeb’s Energy – Includes Tahyang’s Energy bonus and increases XP earned +7%.
  • Guild Level 3: Ollo’s Energy – Includes Aranzeb’s Energy bonuses and increases loot drop rate +7%.
  • Guild Level 4: Naima’s Energy – Includes Ollo’s Energy bonuses and decreases cooldown for Recall -15%, decreases Recall cast time -7%.
  • Guild Level 5: Inoch’s Energy – Includes Naima’s Energy bonuses and Increases Honor Points +250 on jury’s verdict.
  • Guild Level 6: Lucius’s Energy – Includes Inoch’s Energy bonuses and temporarily increases Glider speed when using skills like Glider Nitro and Somersault.
  • Guild Level 7: Kyprosa’s Energy – Includes Lucius’s Energy bonuses and decreases ships/vehicle summoning cast time -20%.
  • Guild Level 8: Eanna’s Energy – Includes Kyprosa’s Energy bonuses and decreases Rebirth Trauma -1min
The reason we are targeting the Alt branch is so even though Kittens choose to join the Farmers Branch they will not be excluded from the Guild level rewards the main branch acquires. After server merge and land rush is mostly over returning kittens will have to state which branch they wish to go in now knowing the future of each branch. We to hope match the demand of old and new players joining and or interested in joining the Thunder Kittens family. There are clearly pros and cons to each branch. Once a branch is chosen you will want to stay with it as long as possible to gather the best benefits. Prestige will be awarded to you to purchase from the guild shop, but you will lose any Prestige you haven’t spent if you switch guilds.
Everyone is still welcome to use the TS and the website. Think carefully, choose wisely, and be prepared. This choice can affect your game play immensely. We wish you the very best of luck with your land grabs and hope to see you all soon in our new home on Kraken!
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