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Other Game interests!

Star Citizen!

Star Citizen, Its like Archeage, only with ships, and FPS combat, and stuff. A massive first person space sim. Presently a decent number of TK members will be joining once the game takes a more stable form, but for now there is a fun PVP game mode...
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Other Game interests!


Space ninjas are awesome.also double credit weekend
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eleanorawesome2902Small Svetlaunums 5y
Other Game interests!

Naval Battle Dont miss out

Enla Open Sea Invitational Sea BattaleFor starters, what is an "Enla Open Sea Invitational Sea Battle"?It will be a preset time where all of Enla (East, West, Pirates) are invited to join on a specific location and time on the open seas.What is it...
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Other Game interests!

New Game: Romero's Aftermath

Do you like to kill Zombies? [or anything virtual for that matter.]Do you like the idea of a Sandbox game?I have a free [good until April 24th 2015] registration code for the game called "Romero's Aftermath".Goto
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Other Game interests!


Heey y'all!Sorry for my long absence but I had 'reasons'One of these is that I've been working on rebooting my old Minecraft server.Which is now complete... And since this guild is rather a gaming community than an actual guild... I want to invite...
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Other Game interests!

Pokemon XY/ORAS friend code exchange

This is so we can battle and trade with each other in pokemon XY/ORAS much easier(if you own the games).format:IGN:FC:games owned:secret base QR code (optional):
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Kinzuko71351Member avatar small Raksha 6y
Other Game interests!


Looking for anyone interested in this game. Currently in closed beta and having a blast myself.
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Other Game interests!

World of Warships...

Hey there everyone!Was wondering if anyone was looking at doing the World of Warship that is coming out here in the near future.I know that they have started their closed Beta here last week and I am still waiting to to get my invite code so I can...
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Tensai2519Member avatar small Raksha 6y
Other Game interests!

Elder Scrolls Online

If anyone is interested, ESO went F2P this month.I have a high level character that could help with leveling if you were interested in trying out the game.It is fun, but not as fun as AA and not nearly as fun as hanging with Kittens!but if you wou...
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Sty0321Small Sty 6y
Other Game interests!

Skyrim screenshot central

I don't know about you guys but I love modding skyrim to look as good as I can. yeah it may run like complete ass about 50% of the time and crash all the time but I still love it. this will be a place where my self and anyone else who wants to pos...
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Kinzuko5912Member avatar small Azshara 6y
Other Game interests!

League of Legends

Yeah yeah I know, you guys love LoL. I sometimes play though I am terrible. You can feel free to add me.My username is Latvianlotus on league.
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Svetlaunums5908Small Greyshadow 6y
Other Game interests!

Dying Light

I'm really into Dying Light lately. I know it's relatively new so not a lot of people have it, but if you do and want someone to brave the undead landscape with, give me a shout.
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ChaosEve0369Small ChaosEve 6y
Other Game interests!


So, I host a Starbound server for myself and a bunch of my friends. If any of you guys play, you should hit me up and come join us. I don't always keep it on, as it means I have to leave my computer on all the time, but if you guys frequent it reg...
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ChaosEve0328Small ChaosEve 6y
Other Game interests!


i used to play lots of smite and am slowly getting back into it if anyone is interested in learned a 3rd person skillshot based moba based on mythologies please let me know the more the merrier i am more than welcome to sit down and explain and te...
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Freki2491Small ChaosEve 6y
Other Game interests!


Omg that's right Rift was a thing once upon a time.I uhh I guess I have a guild there too, though it is not nearly as popular... it is also Thunder Kittens. It's where the guild originated by name at least though we all kinda meh'd away back to le...
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Other Game interests!


Planetside 2 is a fps of the most massive sort. Thousands of players trying to take over grids with in the continent to win the continent. There are vehicles [land and air], different classes of infantry, that you may customize the loadout for, an...
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Other Game interests!

counter strike : GO

my user name is "redapple"with fire picture.if anyone wants to play
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